Monday, 2 February 2009

Marathon Fever

It's at about this time of year that we at Premier Physiotherapy Centre, Chadwell Heath start to fill our diaries up with Marathon hopefuls who are starting to feel the strain of training.

Did you know that training on the Alter G could reduce the overall stress on the body during this period and give the runners a better chance of successfully getting to the START or the Flora London Marathon.


Well for example if you can manage say 40 miles per week but always seem to struggle when you raise your weekly volume to 45 miles per week then you could try the following:

Run 37 miles per week 'on land' (well below your breakdown threshold) and do a 10 mile run on the g-trainer at reduced body weight = 47 miles per week without the stress on the joints and soft tissue structures that you have previously found to lead to a breakdown in training

Resulting in improved performance!

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