Monday, 14 December 2009

Virgin London Marathon

Are you currently training for the 2010 Virgin London Marathon?

Come along and discuss your current training program, nutrition strategy and any injury concerns.

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How To Use The Alter G as part of your Marathon Preparations

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Thursday, 15 October 2009

New Setting New Pricing!!!!

Well the setting for the AlterG is now finished and the rest of the Premier Physiotherapy/Fit4 Personal Training Centre revamp is very nearly complete.

To celebrate the revolutionary AlterG's new home we have literally SLASHED the cost of using this NASA inspired treadmill.

You can now train on this stunning piece of equipment for ONLY £20.00 per session

YES ONLY £20.00!!!!

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Monday, 14 September 2009

New Home

While building work is carried out the Alter G is out of action.

From October the Gtrainer will be housed in a training facility and will be much more accessible with a new pricing policy

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ironman Training

With the London Marathon 2009 out of the way (so to speak) the ideal user for the AlterG treadmill is now either someone preparing for the Great North run, a spring marathon (New York perhaps) or those endurance junkies preparing for the Hawaii Ironman in October.

The same rules apply for all three types of event really:

The AlterG allows you to complete more mileage with less joint soft tissue stress when used in conjunction with running 'on land'

The AlterG allows you to perform tempo training at higher prolonged speeds than you could otherwise achieve by running 'on land'

The AlterG allows you to recover from hard weeks but still allows you to run.

If any of this needs addressing in your regime then drop us an email for more info or a free trial.

Monday, 20 April 2009

Gail Emms Latest to Defy Gravity

Badminton Star Gail Emms dropped into Premier Physiotherapy Centre earlier today to utilise the Alter G, anti gravity treadmill, for a recovery run during her taper phase in preparation for this weekends Flora London Marathon.

Under the watchful eye of fitness coach Russell Holman she performed her run at her projected marathon pace, she is aiming for a 3 hours 50 minute finish, at just 85% of her body weight. This allowed her to run at race pace whilst reducing the overall stress to the system thus allowing her pre-run recovery to continue.

How did she enjoy her experience? Well see for yourself this Saturday during BBC breakfast as Mike Bushell was there to record it ! Mike couldn't resist trying out the machine for himself and thoroughly enjoyed the experience, apart from attempting to run at Paula Radcliffe's marathon pace (even at just 80% body weight!). BBC breakfast airs between 6.00am and 9.30am Saturday 25th April 2009.

If you're interested in discovering more about using the AlterG then contact us at:

or call Russell on 07949 270792

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Latest News From The Alter G

Dean Ashton recently returned from a training stint in Portugal accompanied by John Green Director of Premier Physiotherapy Centre. where he trained on the sand. On his return we went back to running on the AlterG, at Premier Physio near Romford, to unload and recover. He seems to be progressing very well and the plan is to be outside for full loading next week.

The AlterG has been busy, as well as Dean we also had another footballer travel to us to use it in a bid to be fit for his teams run in, marathon runner have been supplementing their training on it and we also have had one of our physiotherapy clients who had suffered from a traumatic head injury on the Gtrainer for some gait re-education work which has been fantastic to see his progress, the treadmill allows us to work at speeds and for durations that we just couldn't achieve on a standard treadmill.

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Carl Cort Opens His Norwich Account

Alter G user Carl Cort scored his first goal for Norwich this week against his old club Wolves.

Following surgery and physio input from John Green, Carl used the G-trainer, based at Premier Physiotherapy Centre in Chadwell Heath, during the early stages of his rehab when 'on land' running wasn't possible.

We also did intensive endurance sessions on the G-trainer which would have aggravated his knee had we attempted these sessions outdoors

Our congratulations go out to Carl and we look forward to seeing his goal tally grow as the season progresses

Monday, 2 February 2009

Marathon Fever

It's at about this time of year that we at Premier Physiotherapy Centre, Chadwell Heath start to fill our diaries up with Marathon hopefuls who are starting to feel the strain of training.

Did you know that training on the Alter G could reduce the overall stress on the body during this period and give the runners a better chance of successfully getting to the START or the Flora London Marathon.


Well for example if you can manage say 40 miles per week but always seem to struggle when you raise your weekly volume to 45 miles per week then you could try the following:

Run 37 miles per week 'on land' (well below your breakdown threshold) and do a 10 mile run on the g-trainer at reduced body weight = 47 miles per week without the stress on the joints and soft tissue structures that you have previously found to lead to a breakdown in training

Resulting in improved performance!

Want to know more email us at

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Return of The Saint

Recently physiotherapist John Green has been treating actor James Purefoy at Premier Physiotherapy Centre in Essex.

James who is currently filming The Saint for American TV, pulled his hamstring during filming an action scene and was referred to John for his rehab.

As well as working on his conditioning James also undertook several sessions on the Alter G, which is located at Premier Physiotherapy, this allowed James to get back running a lot earlier than would otherwise be possble.

His rehab has progressedwell and he has now returned to filming.

Friday, 9 January 2009

Think This Machine is Just For The Pros?

Tracey is 38 and took up running in 2001 for stress relief and as a competitive outlet.
Over time she developed sore knees from the increased cumulative impact experienced
while running. By this time she was hooked on the sport and didn’t want to give it up
because of pain. But the pain was winning and cut into her ability to train and compete
at a recreational level.

to read more about her use of the G Trainer click here

Premier-gtrainer's Alter G treadmill is located at Premier Physiotherapy Centre, near Romford, Essex