Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Latest News From The Alter G

Dean Ashton recently returned from a training stint in Portugal accompanied by John Green Director of Premier Physiotherapy Centre. where he trained on the sand. On his return we went back to running on the AlterG, at Premier Physio near Romford, to unload and recover. He seems to be progressing very well and the plan is to be outside for full loading next week.

The AlterG has been busy, as well as Dean we also had another footballer travel to us to use it in a bid to be fit for his teams run in, marathon runner have been supplementing their training on it and we also have had one of our physiotherapy clients who had suffered from a traumatic head injury on the Gtrainer for some gait re-education work which has been fantastic to see his progress, the treadmill allows us to work at speeds and for durations that we just couldn't achieve on a standard treadmill.

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