Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Ironman Training

With the London Marathon 2009 out of the way (so to speak) the ideal user for the AlterG treadmill is now either someone preparing for the Great North run, a spring marathon (New York perhaps) or those endurance junkies preparing for the Hawaii Ironman in October.

The same rules apply for all three types of event really:

The AlterG allows you to complete more mileage with less joint soft tissue stress when used in conjunction with running 'on land'

The AlterG allows you to perform tempo training at higher prolonged speeds than you could otherwise achieve by running 'on land'

The AlterG allows you to recover from hard weeks but still allows you to run.

If any of this needs addressing in your regime then drop us an email premier_gtrainer@yahoo.co.uk for more info or a free trial.

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